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If You Can’t Stand the Heat


After experiencing one of the coldest and harshest winters the United States has had in a long time, many of us, myself included, were more than happy to welcome the warm temperatures of summer. I mean, who doesn’t love summertime, right? The hot temperatures mean more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors whether that be at a family reunion, the beach, or just going for a drive with the top down. However, although these temperatures can be the catalyst for such pleasant activities, it also means being dependent on-air conditioning to keep things bearable.

Whenever the temperature is extreme, whether that be cold or hot, the majority of us don’t think twice about it. We’ll just go to our central heat and air control box and with the flip of a switch, our home’s temperature is comfortable and moderate. But, like all machines, sometimes these systems can fail and result in the need for extensive and sometimes costly repairs. Just recently, my wife and I had to purchase a new compressor for our HVAC unit because apparently, the one we had just purchased 8 years ago had gone out.

After lots of huffing and puffing over the fact that the compressor hadn’t lasted 10 years as per our warranty’s promise, our repairman noted a few issues that may have caused our unit to conk out early. While doing his initial assessment of the unit, he noticed that there were lots of grass blades as well as dirt and debris trapped inside of the unit. He suggested we turn the unit off before cutting the grass otherwise the unit will actually pull all of that grass and dirt in. This causes the unit to work extra hard in an attempt to suck in air which ultimately could result in expensive repairs.

Furthermore, because of all the extra work our unit had been doing, our air filter was excessively dirty. Apparently, it is not enough to change the air filter on the scheduled date. Sometimes, the filter may need to be changed sooner so it is important to check it periodically since dirty air filters can also be hard and even damaging to the HVAC system. We just did an online search for any hvac services denver co that were in our area. The company that we picked not only fixed our unit but also gave us good tips on how to maintain it.

When it comes to home appliances, especially ones of this magnitude, proper maintenance is extremely important in sustaining its longevity. We spend so much money on major appliances that we should do whatever we can to ensure that these appliances have long lifespans. Although we had to learn the hard way, we did still learn that a little bit of maintenance will definitely help to prevent or offset a hefty expense later on. Something as simple as changing the air filter a little earlier and cutting off the unit prior to cutting grass could have saved us hundreds of dollars.

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