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Why Underfloor Heating is So Popular

If you happen to live in the UK, you will already know how uncompromising freezing cold floors can be, and no matter how warm the interior is, the floors are always cold. One cannot walk around the house barefoot in the winter months, yet with new and innovative underfloor heating, you can transform your flooring to be warm and inviting.

Dry Underfloor Heating Systems

Using special mats that contain a series of electrical wires, it is possible to heat your flooring to a very comfortable level, and with local plumbing services in Teignmouth that specialise in underfloor heating, a solution to freezing floors is but a phone call away.

Wet Underfloor Heating Systems

If you have traditional wet central heating that provides heat to every room in the house by way of radiators, an underfloor heating system can be incorporated to utilise your existing boiler to pump hot water through a maze of special underfloor water pipes. As heat rises, ground level heating not only keeps your floors nice and warm, it also adds an even layer of heat across the entire interior, which makes for luxurious living in the cold winter months.

What is Involved?

To install underfloor heating, the following steps must be taken:

  1. Temporary removal of existing flooring
  2. The installation of a special backing
  3. The installation of the water piping
  4. The replacement on the existing floor

Most people prefer to wet underfloor heating system, as it is a little cheaper to run, and while your boiler pumps hot water around the house, it will also send hot water under your flowing, giving you a luxurious lifestyle where you can walk around with nothing on your feet.

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