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Underfloor Heating – Bring a Little Luxury into your Life

If you live in the UK, you will already be familiar with freezing cold floors, which is something we all have to endure for a few months, yet with underfloor heating, you can experience the wonders of walking around barefoot in the middle of the winter.

How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Ask the best electrician in Kirkcaldy and he will happily confirm that underfloor heating happens to be his speciality, and there are two main types of underfloor heating, which are:

  1. Dry Underfloor Heating
  2. Wet Underfloor Heating

The dry underfloor heating system involves installing special electric mated under the existing flooring, and once connected, they emit heat that keeps your floors warm, even on the coldest of winter days. The system can be installed under any flooring, and not only does it heat up the flooring, the entire room will feel warmer.

The wet underfloor heating system requires special water jackets to be connected to the central heating system, and once installed, hot water is circulated throughout the system, heating the floor to a comfortable temperature. The wet system is a little more expensive that the dry system, as there is a lot more work involved with the installation, and if you would like to discuss your needs with a local supplier, an online search will help you to locate an electrician who has experience installing underfloor heating.

Whether you opt for wet or dry, your local electrician is able to install the system, and once the flooring has been replaced, you can say goodbye to freezing floors forever.

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