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Key Questions to Ask Before Replacing Your Windows

There will come a time when you assess the condition of your windows and decide it is time for a replacement. Deterioration isn’t the only deciding factor when it comes to getting new windows, some homeowners replace their windows for remodelling purposes, others do it because they just want a change.

Before you decide, ask yourself some of these questions before you go out and buy replacement windows.

Do I Really Need Them?

If you are thinking about installing new uPVC windows and doors in Kilmarnock, take some time to think before you leap into buying. Have a walk around your home and take a look at your current windows, you’ll know almost immediately if you need new ones.

  • Do they look dilapidated?
  • Have they lost their visual appeal?
  • Have you problems operating them?
  • Is there condensation between glass panels?
  • Do the locks look safe & secure?

Will They Help Reduce Energy Consumption?

There is no doubt that double glazed windows will help to reduce energy consumption. If you’ve old windows on your property, they probably let in a lot of drafts. Modern windows will greatly reduce your monthly bills.

Am I ready for the disruption to my home?

Although most window and door installation experts will be out of your hair within a few days, some specialised windows take a long time to be delivered. You should ask about the project timeline, so you can prepare yourself for disruptions to your home. Knowing the project timeline gives you peace of mind.

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