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Useful Locksmith Tips for Landlords

Locksmith Tips

If you rent property to tenants, you have a duty of care to make sure the building is safe and secure for whoever rents the property. You must have working fire alarms, annual gas safety checks and other safety measures in place to keep your tenants out of harm’s way. In addition, you should have British standard locks on all the doors to stop unwanted individuals gaining access to the building. Tenants should feel comfortable in the property knowing that their belongings are secure because you’ve taken the time to fit first-class locks. There are many good reasons to call a locksmith in Devizes, here are just some of the most common.

  • Upgrade your doors and windows
  • After a break-in
  • When tenants have moved out
  • Fitting a smoke alarm system
  • When tenants have lost or misplaced keys

Replacing Locks

If you think it is time to replace your locks, get in touch with a reputable locksmith and see what they can offer. They should be able to upgrade your windows and doors to ensure the property is secure and safe. You can also ask them to cut spare keys just in case you need them to access the building in an emergency.

Not Just the House

If you’ve a property with garage doors or any other buildings, you should also consult a locksmith to see if you have the right locking system installed. If these buildings are offered as extra facilities to your tenants, you have a duty to ensure they are in good condition and protected by a secure locking system.

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