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How to Install Countertops


Support for the sink and the sink, the counter is more and more essential as the final touch of the decoration of the kitchen or the bathroom. Obtaining and installing this accessory is not a matter of luxury. How to do it?

As important as a sofa, the counter is very practical; it is used on the one hand as a support to shelter sinks, sinks, and on the other hand as a table to accommodate various objects, in kitchen as in the bathroom.

Over the years, it has become an essential element. As a decorative object, its design also evolves over time: modern or rustic; contemporary or rounded edges.

You can get your counters in a specialized shop or contact a company worthy of the name for a quality product and tailor-made after-sales service.

As for the installation hire Countertops & More, if you decide to do it yourself, this will allow you to reduce expenses. Here are some steps to help you install a simple, prefabricated counter.

Tools and materials

– Protective glasses

– Tape measure

– Belt sander

– Drill

– Adjustable wrench

– Spirit level

– Square

– Hammer

– Jigsaw

– Clamps

– Caulking gun

– Screwdriver

– Screw

– Tension bolts

– Silicone

– Abrasive paper

Step 1: Assemble the counter parts

Start by first assembling the different parts of the counter using silicone. This will take a few minutes because you must keep the parts glued so that they adhere to each other easily.

Step 2: Attach the bolts

Using your adjustable wrench, you must tighten the fixing bolts. Beforehand, you have to insert these bolts in the spaces where the different sections intersect.

Step 3: Upgrade the counter

Gently install the countertop on top of the floor cabinets. Take care to press it against the wall and make sure there is no space. The surface of your counter must be stable, the drawers and cabinet doors must open easily, if this is not the case, remember to adjust the level with shims.

Step 4: Stabilize the counter

Now use the brackets to fix the counter to the floor cabinets . Use suitable screws so that they do not cross the counter surface. Remember to make the holes from the inside to the surface to leave no trace. Check the alignments carefully before fixing everything.

Step 5: Fill in the gaps

You can now fill the gaps between the wall and the backsplash with a caulk.

The operation seems delicate; the counter must comply with certain standards such as the height in the room, the distance between the electrical outlets, which is why it is preferable to call in one or more experts.

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